• Security Holographic Labels
  • Security Vouchers
  • Security Tickets
  • Security Inner Cartoon
  • Security Certificates
  • Security Wristbands
  • Security Scratch & Win
  • Security Warranty Card
  • Security Random Check Code
  • Security SMS & Win
  • Security Name Card
  • Security Letterhead
  • Security Online Authentication

Holographic Label Sdn Bhd

HOLOGRAPHIC LABEL SDN BHD (HLSB) was incorporated in 1997 as a manufacturing company that deals in security holographic labels, security wristbands, security inner carton, security vouchers, security tickets, security certificates, security scratch & win, security warranty cards and security random check codes.We provide solutions to help protect your company's brands (to prevent imitation, forgery, copyright & patented products)...

Technologies (New)

  • Colour Shifting Film (CSF)
  • Microseal
  • Clear Holo Foil
  • Clear Void
  • Optical Variable Ink (OVI)
  • Optical Variable Mobile Comminication (OVMC)


  • The company's vision is "We make positive impact on society and environment by safeguarding originality."